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Learn about the benefits of drumming as a group activity

The benefits of drumming

What are the benefits of drumming with a group of people?

The physical and emotional benefits of drumming are well recognised and documented:

  • it relaxes the body and calms the mind
  • it improves concentration and focus
  • it promotes confidence, self-esteem and well being
  • it produces feelings of integration and euphoria
  • it develops awareness of and respect for others.

Because drumming involves both the logical and the creative hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, it can also improve

Creating connection

Drumming with others is a powerful way of overcoming differences and promoting understanding and harmony.  It brings people together, uniting them in the pursuit of a common end and the enjoyment of a shared experience.

Rhythm is a universal language that we all understand; we all have a heartbeat and our first sensory experience is a rhythmical one - feeling the beat of our mother's heart and the pulse of blood through her veins.

See the Links page for more information on the benefits of drumming for health and well being.

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