Rhythm-a-jix: re-invigorating and celebrating teamwork

An inspiring and re-invigorating team activity - and it's fun!

As  team activity, drumming develops and builds upon the same values and dynamics that are crucial to success in the workplace. These include co-operation, active listening, resilience, building on each others strengths, appreciation of diversity, inclusion, peer support and effective communication.

An effective indoor activity

Group drumming is more inclusive and accessible than outdoor team building activities but can have the same beneficial efffects

Teamwork, rhythm and harmony

Good teamwork calls for co-operation, collaboration and listening.  It's important that the team works in rhythm and harmony and that the timing is right.

Hands-on, collaborative and energising

Drumming is a hands-on, collaborative and energising activity which may be used to great effect with a group or team. It's an effective metaphor for group synergy and teamwork.

Seven uses of drumming for a team event

If your group or team event has one or more of the following aims then group drumming is the perfect activity.  It may be used:

  • to help a new team to form a group identity and to work together
  • to focus or re-focus a workgroup or team on the elements of successful teamwork
  • to reward or recognise a group or team
  • to celebrate the success of the team
  • to re-invigorate a team that has lost motivation or is under-performing
  • to provide a memorable shared experience for a group or team
  • as an icebreaker or energiser for a meeting or conference

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